Welcome to Maynuu! We're here to help you set up your online menu in the most fuss-free way.  

How is Maynuu different?

❌  Traditionally, you would need to sign up with several different delivery & payment service providers in order to receive online orders and fulfil them. 

✅  At Maynuu you only need to sign up once and everything is Done For You!

What you get:

  • 🏬 a fast, simple online storefront (mobile-optimised, too!)
  • 🛵 complete with delivery integration (you don't have to hire your own riders)
  • 💳 built-in payment processing (for credit card & digital wallet payments)
  • 📲 plus WhatsApp confirmation (so you have direct communication with your customers)

Here are some quick guides to help you start using Maynuu to automate and scale your online orders:

  1. Registration and Login
  2. Creating a New Business
  3. Customising Your Shop Appearance
  4. Receiving Orders
  5. Processing Orders
  6. Delivery Services
  7. Adding a Custom Domain
  8. Settlement Process

If you require further assistance or if something is not answered in our Guide Library, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp at the following numbers:

🇲🇾 Malaysia (new registrations + tech support): +60173584876
🇸🇬 Singapore (new registrations + tech support): +6592257913


If you would like to use Maynuu outside of Malaysia and Singapore, please contact Aaron at this email address: aaron [at] maynuu [dot] com