🇸🇬  For merchants in Singapore - When you have been registered, we will set up your store details and menu for you within 3 working days. Once that is ready, we will send you your new store's login details and you can start receiving online orders immediately!


🇲🇾  For merchants in Malaysia - Once you've registered, you will be redirected to a page to create your new business, as follows:

Basic Details

Fill in your business name, and the address of the physical store where your products will be collected from. 

The phone number should be of a mobile phone that has WhatsApp installed. This is because every order you receive is sent to your dashboard AND also sent to you as a WhatsApp message from the customer, so that you can communicate directly with them.

[ Setting up your basic business details ]


Shop Details

Here you can write a brief description of your brand or business. This will not be shown on your store's front page; it is mainly for SEO and social media purposes. It will be shown on social media link previews, such as when you share your shop's URL (link) on WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter.

Then, select your Time Zone and Currency if it isn't already automatically detected.

For Shop Charges, we suggest selecting Auto Charge for a start.
What this means: Maynuu's small platform fee is billed to the customer. You will receive 100% of your sales revenue.

   Platform fees in Malaysia: 9% + RM 1.00 per transaction
   Platform fees in Singapore: 8% + SGD 0.50 per transaction 

If you wish to absorb some or all of the platform fees on your customers' behalf, then select Custom Charge. You can state the percentage later (in your Dashboard, under Edit Business > Pricing Details) once you've finished creating your business.

[ Setting up your storefront ]


For Delivery & Payment, we recommend checking all the available boxes to start.
Generally, these are third-party services comprising: 

  • Payment processing services
  • Local on-demand courier services

Depending on your country or locale of business, your available options may differ from the illustration below.

[ Example of integrated services for Malaysia (Klang Valley) ]

When you are done, click on Create Shop to move on to the next step.


What are these 'integrated services'?

Traditionally if you were to set up your own website, you would need to also sign up for your own payment processing account like PayPal, then apply for several courier services separately, in order to get your online operations going.

We've simplified all of that for you.

Integrated services are Maynuu-managed integrations that you can add in just a few clicks to instantly launch your business online and start receiving orders!


Adding more businesses

Once you have set up your first business, you can add as many businesses as you wish. 

In your Dashboard:

  1. click on your business name (to the right of the Maynuu logo
  2. click on 'Add new businesses'

When you have more than one business, you can perform the same Step 1 as above to switch to your other business(es).

[ How to add additional businesses ]