To sign up for an account, go to and follow the simple steps.


Once you have been registered - there are 2 ways you can log in to your dashboard:
• Method 1: Log in directly via this link:
• Method 2: Log in via the Maynuu homepage: scroll down a little and you'll see the the login link at the top right corner (see screenshot below)

[ How to log in from homepage ]


If you require further assistance or if something is not answered in our Guide Library, feel free to contact us on WhatsApp at the following numbers:

🇲🇾 Malaysia (new registrations + tech support): +60173584876
🇸🇬 Singapore (new registrations + tech support): +6592257913


If you would like to use Maynuu outside of Malaysia and Singapore, please contact Aaron at this email address: aaron [at] maynuu [dot] com