In dashboard, there will different section for each order state. Each state represents the progress of the order from paying, to fulfilled.

Unconfirmed Orders

Unconfirmed orders are orders where customer already visited the payment page. User can choose to proceed with the payment, and confirms the order, or abandon the payment page. If customer paid the order, and sent it to WhatsApp, it will go to New Orders. If the customer still haven't sent it to WhatsApp, you can manually check the payment status by clicking Check Payment, or Confirm Manually.

New Orders

You can accept the order once it's under New Orders. Click Accept to accept the order, or Close to reject the order. For SecurePay, refunds will not be issued automatically, and you'll need to inform us with customer banking details for us to process for refunds.

Accepted Orders

Accepted Orders is when you accept the order and it's ready to be processed. You can start preparing the order by clicking Start Preparing. Once you click the button, the system will start the finding driver from selected delivery service.

Processed Orders

Processed Orders are orders that are ready to be picked up, and fulfilled. If customer choose delivery services like Lalamove or MrSpeedy, it will be assigned at this stage. You can override delivery services if the assignment process took a long time to process. You can also choose to do Manual Delivery if you want to do your own delivery process got this particular order.

To clear up any manual, or self-pickup orders, click Completed? to indicate the order has been fullfilled or received.