If you need to have tracking for your ad campaign like Facebook Pixel or Google Ads, we provide few pages where you can put the tracking script.

  1. Shop landing page
  2. Checkout page
  3. Order status page

These pages represents the progress of the customer order.

Shop landing page

This is where visitors first arrives on your shop. You can track how many people click on your post or ad, and arrives on your landing page.

For example, this is your shop landing page: https://cafe.maynuu.com

Checkout page

Once visitors put some items in their shopping cart, they will click Checkout, to start the checkout process. The page that appear after they click the button is edit contact details page. You can track how many people tried to buy anything from your shop once they arrived from the landing page.

Order status page

If the customer successfully paid for the order, they can view their order status page from the WhatsApp slip. You can track how many people successfully bought your products.


Note: You can only put HTML in these fields, which includes HTML script tags, where what most tracking code use. If you put any other content in these fields, you might break your shop, or cause undesirable experience for your customers and visitors.