There are few issues that will arise in order and delivery process. We will try our best to assist the process, and will look at each individual case to resolve any issue.

Cancelling a Rider

If a rider takes too long to arrive, or rider is too far from your location, you can reassign to other riders. Click Cancel and Reassign [...] or Switch to [...] to create a new delivery.

Rider requested to cancel

If a rider call you and requested to cancel the delivery, you can click Reassign [...] or Switch to [...]. The system will create a new one, and the old one will be cancelled by the system, or our admin, depending on whether the cancellation period has passed or not. Usually there will be a 5-minute cancellation period for for delivery.

Rider cancel after pickup

If a rider cancel after picking up, you need to tell the rider to return the order items, and then you need to click on Reassign [...] or Switch to [...]. This is a rare situation but does happen.

Late deliveries

If the rider sends the order late, you can inform us, and we'll take any necessary step to investigate, and if reasonable, will ban the rider from our service accounts.